An update! An update!

Hej! It’s been a while since I last posted something on my blog and I wish there would have been more (read: anything) to write about during this cursed last year of 2020. I have been learning Spanish 🇪🇸 on and off over the last months but there hasn’t really been anything exciting or worth mentioning.

What about the Language Jam?

Some people have reached out and asked when the next challenge is going to take place and every time my answer has been that I don’t know it myself yet.
The Language Jam is not dead, don’t worry. It’s just that there are things right now that require my full attention and, unfortunately, I had to rearrange my priorities. I do not know when I will be able to continue working on the challenge but I will let you know the minute I do so.
I haven’t been around for a long while and I have no clue what the language community is up to these days but I’m pretty sure there are a lot of great challenges around! (Or, probably, nobody even cares about the challenge anymore because it hasn’t happened in such a long while, oh well.)

Any plans for 2021?

Two months in and there hasn’t been much language learning going on so far. Since working as a translator exposes me to foreign languages all day long, I prefer to do something un-language-y in my spare time. I still listen to podcasts and read books and try to immerse myself in my target languages as frequently as possible but I haven’t had an “active” study session in a long while. And that is okay. I will get back on track eventually. 🙂

I do hope though that your own studies are going better than mine and that you are doing well in these troubled times! Please take care and always feel free to drop me a message if you want to chat! 💕

14th February 2021


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