So much Christmas, so little time!

I am little surprised that it took me half a month to post my study goals for December, even though I've written this post at the beginning of the month already, but then again, it is December after all and I've never been the most studious when there is lots of holiday things to do, like baking cookies, trying to learn "O Tannenbaum" on the piano and organising family dinner.

That is why I haven't come up with any ambitious study goals to begin with. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with it, so I merely copied my Spanish plans from November and, as far as the last two weeks are concerned, it's working quite nicely. (Edit: It also worked the rest of the month.) After I finished the second season of "Casa de las Flores" last month, I'm now watching "Gran Hotel" and seeing that there are what feels like a hundred episodes left, I'm all set for some hours of entertainment and listening practice. I use Anki for daily vocabulary reviews and try to sit down and write a diary entry or review some grammatical things whenever time and energy allow it.

I'm also working on my language plan for 2020 at the moment (and try to write a review for 2019), so in case I will be able to finish both posts in time, you will find them on my blog a bit later.

See you again in 2020!

28th December 2019


It's a me!

Hej! My name is Sandra, I am a language enthusiast from Germany and this is where I document my language learning journey.

I will share my study goals with you, talk about the ups and downs in language learning, try out cool challenges and show you study methods that I found particularly helpful. Making myself accountable here will hopefully give me some extra motivational boosts!

All main articles will eventually be translated into the four languages I am most comfortable with: German, English, Spanish and Japanese. Older posts can be found under "Archive" and are sorted in order of date.

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