September: Que Sera, Sera

After a short and somewhat involuntary break from Japanese and Mandarin at the end of August, I decided to keep a low language profile this month. I don't plan on stuffing all my textbooks in the lowest drawer of my office and do nothing at all but I do enjoy the "no study strings attached" mindset that I am in right now: no language tracker to look at and feel bad about, no inner urge to tweet about my progress, no textbooks looking judgemental at me from my desk.
Stepping away from all of it for a short while has given me the opportunity to fully immerse myself in other projects and I would lie if I say I don't enjoy this change of my spare time activities. That is exactly why I will continue without a schedule for the time being. Why not dwell on this creative state a tiny bit longer?
Let's just assume I am able to stay away from languages for more than a week. πŸ˜„

Update (5th October 2019)

Spoiler: I didn't even make it through week one without touching anything language related. For some ominous reason - and probably not because I had watched all three seasons of "Casa de Papel" in August - I felt drawn to Spanish the most. I hadn't learned much Spanish in the last couple of months and yes, it still bugs me that my level is stagnating.
So my train of thought was something similar to this: I learned English without really paying that much attention at school but mainly by consuming lots and lots of English media like books and movies. I do remember the times when I stared at a page in sheer frustration because I couldn't understand a single word but I kept going and it all worked out in the end. With this in mind, I installed a Spanish news app on my phone and laid my Spanish version of Harry Potter 3 onto the living room table. And surprisingly enough, it worked.
I didn't feel like sitting at my desk and study concentrated at all this month but I am happy to have read a few chapters and quite a lot of articles in Spanish. And with a big question mark over my head as to why I don't want to get some serious studying done, I registered for the 30 Day Speaking Challenge for October. Maybe this will help me out to overcome this blockade.
Fingers crossed, I'll keep you updated!

4th September 2019


It's a me!

Hej! My name is Sandra, I am a language enthusiast from Germany and this is where I document my language learning journey.

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