July: Nihongo, hyaku paasento!

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Yes, this month will, once again, be dedicated to the love of my (language) life, Japanese!

The intensive studies that happened in the months before my Japan journey this year did not only help me to irrevocably fall for Japanese again but they were also an incredible motivational boost because I finally saw what is truely possible when you study concentrated on a regular basis for more than just a few days or weeks. I had rediscovered my language confidence and I swore to me that I'd never ever let go of it ever again.

Let's get right to it and talk about my study plans in more detail. To make this blog post look a tad more appealing, let me present you a picture of King Slime who looks exactly like me, whenever the opportunity arises to sit down and spend some Japanese study quality time. The one and only, King Slime.

1. At least one hour long study sessions in the morning during the week. Weekend study sessions are optional. Maybe I can trick myself into going to the gym first and then study or the other way around, but mornings are my favourite time of the day in summer, since it gets light super early and the crippling heat has not yet reached my apartment in the attic.

2. I will start every session with a short review from whatever I did the day before. That could be anything, be it vocabulary practice or grammar repetition or maybe copying a translation draft into my exercise book. Apart from general reviewing, grammar repetition will be one of my focus points this month.

3. The にほんご500 N3 textbook will be my medium of choice for July. You are supposed to make it through the book within four weeks, but rather than hurrying and getting it done as quickly as possible, I want to understand everything first. If I won't finish by the end of the month, so be it. In the improbable case that the book's content is too simple, I will throw in some にほんご500 N4/N5 reviews.

4. Whenever I stumble upon unknown grammatical structures, unknown words or phrases that I'd like to learn, I will take notes and write down each snippet in its respective place: A grammar book for, brace yourself, grammar; a monolingual notebook for unknown words and Anki for phrases so I can review those on the go and see if I understand everything.

5. There are still many days of my travel journey to translate, so getting some more done would be pretty sweet as well.

6. If everything goes according to plan, I'll start the next month with some long overdue lessons on italki! I haven't talked to my tutors in a while and I really miss talking to native speakers.

English and Spanish are not dead but I'll solemnly concentrate on vocabulary aquisition and try to squeeze in some review sessions whenever it fits my schedule. They are still there, just not as present as Japanese.
And then there's also the first Indigenous Language Jam coming up, I am so excited! I haven't decided yet which script option to pick but I'd absolutely love to dabble in Ainu for a weekend, that would be absolutely thrilling! Let's see what I will end up with.

Stay hydrated, my friends, and don't forget to eat enough ice cream!

Update (31st July 2019)

I really can't complain about this month's studying. Apart from your typical "I don't want to study at all" days I did a fare amount of things I planned to do, although not every tick above represents a success rate of 100%. The daily tracker reflects nicely when I started getting busy with LangJam stuff and my motivation to study took a turn for the worse.
I didn't manage to study every morning for at least one hour but I studied consistently and that is a huge win for me.
The reviewing part on the other hand worked brilliantly and I wrote together a good amount of new words and grammatical structures. The grammar revision in specific was a bit on the neglecting side of things. I wrote a bunch of example sentences to practice new strucutres, put them on italki so a native can have a look at it but then completely forgot about it. /coughs
Did I finish the にほんご500 N3 textbook? No. I stopped after week two because there were just too many new things that it would've been incredibly inefficent to continue studying with it when I can hardly remember all the new things that came before. So instead I focused on the things I didn't know up to week three and also reviewed the complete にほんご500 N4/N5 textbook on the side.
Writing down grammar snippets also didn't happen but my vocabulary book grew considerably and I will continue with the vocab reviewing next month.
Translating my travel journey got a tick even though I only managed to translate one day. More often than not I didn't feel like it and concentrated on other things instead. But one translation is still one translation!
And last but not least, the italki lessons will have to wait a tad longer, just because. It miiight be connected to a new language that has sneaked its way into my life and that I will talk about in my post for August.

1st July 2019


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