Language Goals: December

I made this plans in the knowledge that Christmas is coming closer and will consume me eventually, but this year I wish to not lay everything down completely and do at least a little bit each day. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Next to my language goals I will take up my work on the Language Jam again. Last month served as some kind of creative break so I won't loose my motivation to work on it, but the list isn't getting any shorter and I can't wait to get back into planning! <3

I will also try something completely different and something I always wanted to do: Creating study material (for other people)! I did this countless times for myself but never for a person that wants to start studying a language. I will travel to Japan with some friends next year and two of them are desperate to study Japanese but don't quite know the right way to do it / their textbook of choice contains too many irrelevant stuff for their purposes. Due to the little time we have left, I will help them with some personalized study material - hopefully, that is! :D
I'm very much looking forward to that. And I will keep you updated!

Now let's continue with my language-language plans:


...remains my top priority. I will keep working on my listening skills and against kanji forgetting. I also plan on translating more, this was my favourite class during university and I quite honestly don't know why I dropped it. Also on my list: conversational practice. I tend to run away from every opportunity to speak Japanese when this is exactly what I need the most: exposure to native speakers. I'll head for 30 minutes with a tutor per week - that is probably enough to make my head spin.

So here we go:

  • speaking practice: 30 minutes / week with a native speaker
  • listening practice book: finish by the end of December
  • keep up the daily kanji practice (no upper limit)
  • translate at least one text per week (every language direction is fine)

Spanish... back! Hooray!
A good while ago, I posted this on Twitter:

While I am still far away from calling myself fluent, a lot has changed over the last few months in terms of speaking confidence. Yes, there are still those nasty vocabulary gaps and wonky grammatical constructs I create, but I reached the point where I just don't care about it any more. Speaking Spanish is S O much fun and it would be a shame to let those imperfections ruin it for me! Instead, I will slowly work my way up to the top and review and study everything that stands in my way!

That leaves me with this list:

  • grammar book (A2-B2): finish by the end of the month
  • speaking practice: do recordings whenever I feel like it
  • swap English content with Spanish one (YouTube, podcasts, etc.)


...will spend December and Christmas at the sideline. Sorry, English!

And that sums it up! My annual Christmas spirit is giving me some extra motivation and I can't wait to study with a nice cup of tea, looking at the decorated Christmas tree ever so often.

30th November 2018


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