Language Goals: November

A huge shout out to all those lovely people on Twitter who encouraged me to keep sharing my goals with the world even though I failed miserably last month and felt like a fraud. Thank you all so much! <3
Let's forget about last month's failures and concentrate on what lies ahead: November!

After successfully building a habit around Japanese over the last two months I want to make it my main focus in November. English and Spanish will, of course, also make an appearance, but I want to dedicate most of my study time to Japanese and see what happens.
The other day I watched a video from Ophelia in which she talks about juggling multiple languages at the same time (you can find it here: click), which inspired me to try something different apart from how I usually plan my month in advance.
Normally I would squeeze all languages that I am actively studying (and trying to maintain) into each and every day. This would work well on most days but more often than not, especially on busy work days and weekends, I would feel stressed because at least one language was left behind.

So in November, 90 minute Japanese sessions will be my daily goal throughout the whole week, with alternating 30 minute sessions of English and Spanish from Monday to Friday. Wednesday will be my "do whatever you like" day, so that could be either English, Spanish or more Japanese. Or just nothing at all.
This really sounds like a plan that could help me solve my "but I don't want to pause any language" struggle in a stress-free way, so I am excited what I will be able to tell you at the end of the month.

Here is what I will do/use:


I still struggle with listening comprehension so I found myself a book with audio files and exercises that will hopefully work as a starting point to get into more advanced stuff next month. I will also re-join the 30 Day Speaking Challenge to get my daily portion of speaking, which helped me immensely in the past.

  • listening practice book: 2 chapters/day
  • daily recordings for the 30DSpC
  • review ~10 kanji each day
  • keep watching anime and reading manga, if possible

I know that I am still one video behind for Kamila's #RecordYourselfChallenge, but to be perfectly honest, I don't know if I will continue with it. It's not that I don't like the idea behind it or don't want to share my progress, but recording myself while showing my face on camera stresses me more than it motivates me. (And I lack the time and technical expertise to edit a video in less than nine hours, haha.) Maybe I will get there at some point in the future, but at the moment it doesn't feel right to me.


Finding and fixing missing vocabulary is still a thing, so that will remain my focus for November. Inspired by the Fluent Show's episode about journaling (click) and all those beautiful bullet journal posts in my timeline on Instagram, I want to try out how this works for me and Spanish. As for topics to write about I will simply orientate myself towards the topics of the 30DSpC.

  • journaling (1-2 DIN A5 pages) on "Spanish days"
  • recordings for the 30DSpC on "Spanish days"


Similar to Spanish I feel like I am lacking a good bunch of vocabulary. I feel quite comfortable when speaking and writing, and word search moments aren't that frequent, but to me it seems as if my vocabulary is limited to a specific amount of words that I use again and again without much variation. Translating would probably be a good approach here but I will stay with journaling for the time being.

  • journaling (at least 300 words, digitally) on "English days"
  • recordings for the 30DSpC on "English days"

And there we have it! Let's all do our best together next month! <3

30th October 2018


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