October: Daily recordings, #LangJam and Swedish?

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The new website is up and running and I wanted to do a much more detailed article on the challenge and everything that's new and also on my goals for October, because I actually have goals this time, but here I am, it's the 30th of September, I still have a deadline to catch, so here's the abridged version!

  • I will continue with the 30 Day Speaking Challenge for English, Spanish and Japanese because I feel that speaking is the most useful for me at the moment (and also a lot of fun). There's still the "write a review about this challenge" point on my list and I hope I will have time to write about it in October. Because it's awesome.
  • Consequently: write about my experiences with the 30 Day Speaking Challenge.
  • English and Spanish will be on hold except for my daily recordings.
  • I will try to keep my daily Japanese studies and continue working with the workbooks I got myself at the beginning of September. Daily recordings are also on my list, as is listening practice. My enemy.
  • Record a second video for Kamila's #RecordYourselfChallenge in Japanese.
  • Swedish will also make an appearance because I will be visiting Stockholm in November and I cannot not study the language with this in mind. I will try to do daily recordings in Swedish, learn every day and talk to a tutor on italki. (Excitement mucho)

And that wraps it up! Have a great start of October!

30th September 2018


It's a me!

Hej! My name is Sandra, I am a language enthusiast from Germany and this is where I document my language learning journey.

I will share my study goals with you, talk about the ups and downs in language learning, try out cool challenges and show you study methods that I found particularly helpful. Making myself accountable here will hopefully give me some extra motivational boosts!

All main articles will eventually be translated into the four languages I am most comfortable with: German, English, Spanish and Japanese. Older posts can be found under "Archive" and are sorted in order of date.

You won't find a comment section under my posts, so if you feel like chatting a bit, or talking about language-y things feel free to message me on social media or write me an email!

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Enjoy your stay and happy studying!