Language Goals: June

May had shown me (again) that balancing work, university, social life and a (potentially) time consuming hobby like language learning, isn't as simple as I'd like it to be. This month has been one crazy up-and-down ride motivational-wise, so shouting my goals out into the world will hopefully help me to stay more focused. Let's get right to it:

Still being my number one priority language, I want to focus on two things this month: My accent and writing.
Since I was taught British English at school but immersed myself mostly with American English in my everyday life (music, movies, books, etc.), I speak some weird accent mixture that is neither the one nor the other. Therefore I will search for a tutor on italki and practise like there is no tomorrow. Hopefully, at the end of the month, I sound a little bit more British (because this will be accent I am going for) and become more confident when speaking in general.
As for the writing part: I do not plan on writing a book (yet) but I'd like to make writing a daily habit. There are so many ideas and stories in my head that surely would look great in non-thought-form and simultaneously help me with vocabulary acquisition and with finding the words that I don't know. I call this part “daily300” because 300 words will be my daily aim. I also want to try out this “double translating” I read about everywhere, so maybe that can be included as well.

I want to focus on regular listenting practises and vocabulary acquisition (through reading). I started using LingQ last month and I am absolutely in love with its concept. The amount of different reads have helped me find the topics I lack vocabulary for and I want to continue this in June. This might be a more passive month for Spanish, but that's okay.

Similar to Spanish, I will focus mainly on listening and, in this case, kanji practise. Japanese remains in passive mode this month and I still lack motivation to go all in again, but I'd like to maintain it at least somehow. Resources I will use are Yomikata Z, a kanji app that I can highly recommend, and podcasts and videos in Japanese that there are plenty of on the internet.

One thing I always wanted to try out was one of those MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platforms. So whilst I was looking for a decent one, I stumbled upon an Italian beginners course and I just couldn't resist. I doubt that I will complete it in one month, but I am thrilled to try out a learning method that I have never used before.

That pretty much sums up my language goals for this month.

1st June 2018


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