Ciao a Tutti!

I have been deeply in love with Italian cuisine ever since I can remember and after playing Assassin's Creed many years ago I developed a burning desire to visit this wonderful country one day.

I have always enjoyed the sound of the Italian language (and spent countless moments with my friends imitating its cadence) but whenever I stumbled upon its written form, I felt somewhat uncomfortable because I couldn't make out any regularities just by looking at it. Thanks to that my brain filed Italian under “beautiful sound but confusing script and possibly confusing grammar too.”
Then, one sunny afternoon at the end of March, when I was mulling over some Spanish, feeling slightly frustrated because I couldn't see any progress in my studies at all, my thoughts somehow drifted to the wonderful place that I like to call “dabbleverse” and I thought: Should I learn Italian? Should I finally find out if my fears are true and face its confusion?

Also, I was curious whether my intermediate knowledge of Spanish would help me or confuse me even more, since Italian and Spanish do look and sound a tiny bit similar, especially when comparing them both to French.
And so I started. Naturally, by going to the library and returning home with probably the biggest amount of books I have ever taken out.
Fast forward and we're at the end of May. My loyal time tracker tells me I have spent around 8 hours on Italian up to this point, out of which a good amount are “lessons” on Duolingo and general excited reads in a grammar book. Merging yet another language into my daily life wasn't easy and I knew that before I started, but I am content with the outcome so far.

Now I have gathered some vocabulary and grammar basics and fallen even harder for the Italian pronunciation (so beautiful!). Mixing it up with Spanish has happened surprisingly rarely until now. Many words are similar, many even identical but somehow it works. Only the “uo” diphthong likes to irritate my tongue and buonasera becomes buenasera ever so often because I'm used to the Spanish vowel combination.

I'm planning on giving it its very own study session in the evenings so that I won't learn sporadically forever and remain at an absolute beginner level until I'm 80. Stay tuned and a presto!

25th May 2018


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