End-of-year Review 2017

It seems to have become a habit that my end of the year reflections are a bit late, so I thought I better stick to it. Let's keep it short and simple!

If I had to describe 2017 in one word language-wise I would probably pick "enlightenment" - I tried so many new things/languages and failed at so many that I am very grateful to enter this new year with the realization that sometimes doing everything at the same time is not the best idea and that it is totally fine to stick to a few things you really like. Just keep that motivation burning inside of you and you'll find some space for it in the future.

I didn't make any New Year's resolutions at the beginning of 2017 except for "learn ALL the languages" and therefore I cannot say that I haven't reached my goals, but throughout the year I was able to get a (more detailed) glimpse of the wonderful languages that are Finnish, Samoan, Korean and Norwegian, while maintaining my studies for English, Spanish and Japanese. Thanks to my correspondence course I also got a comprehensive brush-up of German grammar that was really nice for a change, especially as a native speaker.

For 2018 I decided to stick to the "Big Three", i.e. English, Spanish and Japanese. I am perfectly aware that this is a straightforward lie that I'm telling myself here and I'll probably have my nose in another language's textbook before January is over, but by telling myself this, I'll free myself from all the pressure that would come from a detailed and structured language plan for each and every month of 2018.

18th January 2018


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