Language Goals: October - December

I would call myself a fairly well organized person, yet when it comes to managing the studies of languages I want to learn, I struggle every now and then.
Maybe pushing all of this online will make a deeper impact on my brain, since you are all here to scold me if I'm hanging behind, so I will try exactly that. Let's go!


Improving my English has been hard for me for a while now, since I already know so much and don't see improvement as quickly as in languages I have just started studying. But there is still room to grow and I want to reach that very peak!
My learning "strategy" so far was inhaling everything in a more or less passive fashion, barely speaking myself and I therefore plan to work on my pronunciation with some italki lessons that I wanted to attend to for over half a year now. Then there's also a desire to get into writing - more out of personal interest than study reasons, but I figure it would make a great practice opportunity as well.


My Japanese "studies" right now are basically limited on me watching anime and reading manga and I do not like that. (Not the anime and manga, of course, those are great! Go all, watch and read Boku no Hero Academia!)
It feels as I have achieved next to naught since I've travelled to Japan this March and therefore put Japanese on the top priority list (right beneath English).
During the next three months I finally want to finish my Japanese version of the Hobbit and work through an old N5/N4 word book, to brush up some forgotten vocabulary. I also started the Duolingo Japanese course at the beginning of October, but it seems I still remember enough and finished the last lesson the other day.
Let's see how far I will come with everything, but anything is better than nothing in this case and progress makes perfect and yeah. The usual.


Well, well, Spanish is a touchy subject right now and I don't even know why and where this immense lack of motivation is coming from, but I plan on tackling it slowly by reading that one Spanish book I found in the library the other day and if that helps me with my motivational problems, I will and I must (because it's something I'm running away from for quite a while now) face the frightful topic of using the Spanish times correctly. Everything additional would be a sweet bonus, but let's focus on that book first and see how it works with my head.


It took me some time to decide what other language to pick up during the last three months of this year. Continue with Korean? I planned on doing more for Japanese, so another Asian language might influence that motivation somehow and lead to me getting sidetracked. Starting with Greek? Or even Ancient Greek? A good idea, yet I didn't want to start a completely new language half-heartedly, knowing that the rest of the year might be a bit busier and therefore leave only little time for it, plus a writing system that I know nothing about.

Why not pick up a language that has been abandoned then, I thought. And so I did.
I won't put too much emphasis on Norwegian, so my main goal for the next three months is repeating all the stuff I learned back in my university class without any strict schedule. I'll do some Duolingo lessons every day, keep track of my progress with weekly videos of myself and hopefully be back on my old standard by the end of the year.

21st October 2017


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