A Great but Short Korean Adventure

"Do you want to learn Korean with me?" - That was basically all it took for me to dive right into study preparations, intensive textbook research and silent excitement about what was about to come.
Learning with a friend is always much more fun, especially when you have the opportunity to meet once a week in person. My motivation seemed unstoppable and the internet was an excellent resource to give me every piece of information I needed.

I surfed the web for books that were suitable for absolute beginners and was positively surprised by the amount of comprehensive study resources out there. A textbook, grammar resources and hangul exercise sheets were found in no time and I looked forward to our set starting date.

We would meet once a week and go through our textbook chapter by chapter. We would start with learning hangul and then make our way towards the first simple grammar structures, etc. I also discovered some great Korean YouTube channels that would give me needed listening practise and even though I didn't understand a thing at the beginning, my ears became sensitive to the melodic patterns of the Korean language and after a while I began to recognize some very easy patterns.
And writing hangul is so much fun!

This worked well for several weeks until daily routines kicked in and my friend and I stopped learning altogether. As there were more urgent things to attend to, my motivation slowly died down and I haven't touched my textbook ever since. It was similar to when I started studying it on my own last year and it's a pity it happened again.

I wouldn't go as far as to say that it was all for naught - those few weeks taught me a lot about a wonderful language and its culture. And it has awoken a desire to definitely pick it up once again when the time is right and life won't interfere as much.

25th September 2017


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