End-of-year Review 2016

Looking back at this incredible ____ (insert attribute of your choice here) year, there was a lot of language stuff happening. I finally overcame my fear of speaking, started learning languages I never thought I'd start with and made contact with many amazing human beings all around the world.

My language year started in the middle of January with the italki New Year's challenge, which I fully dedicated to brush up my Spanish

skills. I've never taken official classes with a teacher before and mostly studied with the help of a tandem partner or a language class at my university, but this new approach, talking so many hours only in Spanish, was amazing and helped me SO much. Not only with my Spanish, but also with my speaking anxiety and that it is absolutely fine make mistakes.

Some time during spring I learned to write Korean and was surprised by how easy and logical Hangeul is. And super fancy looking, too! I then started to dive a bit deeper into the grammar, but couldn't really keep track and dropped it again a few weeks later.

In June, there was the italki Language Challenge Olympics, where I picked four languages to participate: Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and Farsi. I wasn't interested in Farsi from the very beginning to be honest and haven't planned to learn it at all, but my original plan to take some English classes wasn't practicable, so I gave it a try and had a long nice chat with somebody from Syria (and learned a lot along the way).

As for Chinese, I actually wanted to start learning Mandarin and I already got me some material to get started once I've found a good Chinese teacher. In my very first Chinese lesson, my teacher talked only in Chinese and even though I had massive problems so understand anything, I learned quite a lot in the end. I then searched for other tutors who could probably also talk in English, but the results were kind of a bummer and I got utterly frustrated and put my plans for Chinese aside.

My Spanish and Japanese lessons in return were amazing and super helpful.

The rest of the year proceeded without much new-language-planning, until I decided to start 24 hour challenges in October/November. My first chosen language was French and as I started this blog around the same time, you can read all about it here. As a first attempt I feel very pleased.

In between I picked up a bit of Russian, but unless I have more time to fully focus on it, I won't study any further. (But I definitely will.)

And here ends my language end-of-year review. I've many many plans for next year and I can't wait to tell you all about it! Happy New Year! 🎉

31st December 2016


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