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Once upon a time I had an afternoon all for myself, so I took out some old notes of a challenge idea I had many months before. Back then I had set it aside because I thought I would probably be the only person participating in such a challenge. But I decided to finalize my concept, summoned up all my courage and put it out there on the Internet. And the Language Jam was born.

It was so incredibly well received by this lovely community that the challenge got its very own website shortly after the first run ended and I have been a happy host ever since. <3

If you have never heard about the LangJam before and want to find out more about the challenge, click on that pixelated globe you see on the left to head over to the website. It's a free challenge that everyone can join and that is held every once in a while. There are no winners or losers, it's all about the joy of dabbling in a completely new language for a weekend.


It's a me!

Hej! My name is Sandra, I am a language enthusiast from Germany and this is where I document my language learning journey.

I will share my study goals with you, talk about the ups and downs in language learning, try out cool challenges and show you study methods that I found particularly helpful. Making myself accountable here will hopefully give me some extra motivational boosts!

All main articles will eventually be translated into the four languages I am most comfortable with: German, English, Spanish and Japanese. Older posts can be found under "Archive" and are sorted in order of date.

You won't find a comment section under my posts, so if you feel like chatting a bit, or talking about language-y things feel free to message me on social media or write me an email!

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Enjoy your stay and happy studying!