I might have decided to quit on dabbling for a while, but that doesn't mean I'm not a huge fan of it any more. When it doesn't serve as some kind of "real target procrastination", dabbling is a wonderful method to clear your head from your usual learning routine and start something completely new and exciting - but only for a short while.

I used to run a "24 hours of languages" section when this blog was still hosted on WordPress. Within this challenge I studied a language for 24 hours - not in one single session, mind you, I merely summed up the duration of all study sessions that took place over many days and weeks and stopped after hitting 24 hours. Since this category does not exist any more, but I also didn't want to keep those experiences from you, I made little wrap ups for the languages that I dabbled in back then. Just click on one of the small flags and you will be redirected.

French Korean Italian

Honorable dabble mentions that didn't make it far enough in the learning process so I'd write an article about them (or I simply forgot): Russian, Mandarin, Greek, Finnish, Samoan, Hungarian, Urdu, Icelandic.


It's a me!

Hej! My name is Sandra, I am a language enthusiast from Germany and this is where I document my language learning journey.

I will share my study goals with you, talk about the ups and downs in language learning, try out cool challenges and show you study methods that I found particularly helpful. Making myself accountable here will hopefully give me some extra motivational boosts!

All main articles will eventually be translated into the four languages I am most comfortable with: German, English, Spanish and Japanese. Older posts can be found under "Archive" and are sorted in order of date.

You won't find a comment section under my posts, so if you feel like chatting a bit, or talking about language-y things feel free to message me on social media or write me an email!

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Enjoy your stay and happy studying!